The history of lockscape is a very intimate one. I want to share it with you nonetheless. My girlfriend and me wanted to create a visible symbol for our love. This is why we bought a physical love lock, and had our names engraved on it. However, the question arose about where we’d want to site the virtLock – forever and ever. We quickly elected Paris – the city of love. During a  joint holiday in 2014, we attached our love lock to the handrail of Pont des Arts in the middle of thousands of other locks. This place was perfect to set an eternal and visible symbol for our love – at least that’s what we thought.


The end of love locks in Paris

The bridges in Paris were in danger of collapsing, which is why the city administration regarded these romantic displays of affection as an annoyance, and had them removed completely. Every symbol of friendship, love and appreciation had a sudden end. The new handrails were designed to prevent people from attaching new locks to them. Our love still exists, but the fact that this romantic place was destroyed with all its memories left me sad. And it’s not just Paris, other major cities act the same now. I couldn’t stop thinking about how to transport the idea of love locks into our digital age, to allow truly eternal memories? The idea to lockscape® and its virtLocks® were born.


virtLocks: virtual, but for ever

Apart from digital love locks, travel lovers can use to leave visible traces around the world and set symbols for amazing encounters and shared experiences. The name lockscape is a combination of locks and landscape, which is why locks are sited on a map. People from around the world can see them, and happily share your experiences.


Public – and intimate

I avoided this functionality deliberately, because I wanted this public virtLocks to be your very personal symbol of love and friendship, appreciation and affection. Anywhere. For ever.

Please enjoy our virtLocks on!


Pascal Buley

and the lockscape team