F.A.Q. Description



Do you need help creating a virtLock, or do you have a question concerning our products? Please have a look at out help section. If this doesn't help you, please feel free to contact our support.

How much is the price for an account on lockscape?

Your account is free of charge. If you want to design and publish virtual love locks, you are free to buy various packages.

What is a virtLock?

A virtLock is a virtual love lock on lockscape.com

Will I be able to delete my virtual love lock?

Yes, as long as you haven’t immortalized your virtLock. After immortalizing it, you’re not able to delete it anymore. In order to delete a virtLock go to your user account, choose virtLocks and click on “immortalize”.

I don’t want my images to be publicly available. What can I do?

As long as you haven’t immortalized your virtLock, all you have to do is delete your virtLock.

I placed my virtLock at the wrong position. Can I relocate it?

After completing the payment process, this is not possible anymore. However, before the payment process is finished, we point out this fact.

Can I edit my virtLock afterwards?

This is not possible, and there is a reason for that. However please feel free to add a new virtLock.

Which of my data will be published on the map?

There will be only information which you add using the virtLock designer. You can check the final look using the preview functionality of the designer.

How long will my virtLock be visible?

Anywhere. For ever. As long as you don’t delete the virtLock yourself.

How can I show my virtLock to other people?

You’ll be able to send them a link, to share a link using social media, while using your individual virtLock ID. This unique ID allows you and your friends to view your virtLock just by entering it on the map (“virtLock ID”).

Can I contact other couples who created a virtLock?

No, we deliberately did not add this feature. The virtLocks are a very personal statement, and should not be evaluated by strangers.

Can I add comments to a virtLock?

We avoided this functionality deliberately, because we wanted this public virtLocks to be your very personal symbol of love and friendship, appreciation and affection. Anywhere. For ever.