Valentine's day will be here soon!

There is hardly a day that is more dedicated to love than Valentine's day. But why are we celebrating romance and affection on the very day of february 14th? Which customs are part of that day? And what would be the most perfext present for your partner?

Where does Valentine's day come from?

The origin of Valentine's day isn't clearly resolved. There are different possible derivations for its name and meaning. Most likely, the origin of this "lover's day" isn't a very nice one: Valentine's day was probably named after Saint Valentine. He got beheaded in the third century AD because he was marrying couples in church - even though the former emperor had forbidden to do so. However, today it is considered as a day for amorous couples to show love to each other.

Which customs have to be considered?

All decorations for Valentine's day are red as love and garnished with lots of extra hearts. Valentine's day's most common custom is focussing on your loved one and spending a romantic evening together. Saint Valentine already used to give flowers from his garden to newly-weds as a present - this nice gesture remained until today. That's why we no only give jewelry, chocolates or perfume but preferably a bouquet of flowers for Valentine's day to prove our love. But these gifts seem kind of rusty for today, don't they?

The perfect gift for Valentine's day

Modern times need mordern presents. In the 21st century - the technologically most advanced era - this means that we should take one step further to make Valentine's day special for our partner. We can achieve this with the perfect gift: the virtLock! Simply design an individual lovelock for your loved one that you can virtually hang anywhere you want in the world.

Why is virtLock the perfect gift?

You can design your virtLock individually and get crazy: colours, fonts, ornaments - no limits for your creativity. The whole process works really simple and fast, no matter if you're sitting in front of your computer at home or if you're on the way. Furthermore, you can virtually hang your personal lock in any particular place in the whole world. And you ever have to worry about the lock getting rusty, getting lost or being removed. This way, you can set a virtual sign of love for yourself and your partner that will stay for eternity!