Love means adventure. For couples, vacation and travelling is a special kind of adventure. Partners gather experience mutually, but in a different way. They discover new aspects of themselves and enjoy the relaxing effect of a voyage to popular – or even completely unknown – holiday spots. Next are five suggestions for vacation for couples.


1. Simply relaxing

White sandy beaches, the roaring see, all-inclusive board: Sometimes, there is nothing more relaxing for a couple than being able to forget about all worries and enjoy the beautiful weather. You can enjoy an amazing and relaxing vacation in a remote chalet, or next to a lake in Sweden. This kind of vacation is perfect for you, if you and your partner exert stressful jobs, or if you’re currently renovating your first own flat, or if you’d simply like to do nothing for a while.


2. Metropolis of this world

Venice, Paris, and Prague – just three out of countless cities in Europe and the world, that lure into more than just a quick trip. Sights seeing and scouting expeditions are scheduled on a city break. It’s not as relaxing as a beach holiday, but for couples it presents countless opportunities for extraordinary shared experiences. Privately rented accommodations are a good way to get deep insights into a city. During your journey you may find a very special place, where you’d like to leave behind a unique memory in terms of a symbol of your love. A memory that lasts. Anywhere. For ever. On, you can create a virtual love lock, and immortalize it on our map. It’s just one click to share that memory on Facebook or Pinterest with friends from all over the world.


3. Experience something completely new

Going on a scouting tour to try something completely new: What about a vacation, where you do the exact opposite of what you’ve done before? Hiking holiday instead of beach fun, isolated isles instead of a city break, a cruise instead of a mountain bike tour. A journey to the unknown bonds together, and it may provide new passion to love and even uncover hidden desires.


4. Adventure

Vendors like Jochen Schweizer offer a variety of holiday activities and journeys full of adventure, that especially suit couples. It doesn’t have to be the first mutual bungee jump. Maybe you decide on a weekend in a chalet, which will be the starting point for extensive hiking. With a good dose of luck you’ll find a remote bridge, which allows you to attach a physical love lock with your names on it next to your virtual one. Classic love locks can be designed right here, on


5. Sporty challenges

Old love doesn’t fade – but it still needs a good refreshing and creative ideas once in a while. If you can imagine a varied journey with physical challenges, why not go on a holiday with sporty activities? You and your partner could take a beginners course in kitesurfing, or do a canoe tour in Norway. If this activity is a special challenge for you, you may start preparing for it before your holiday begins, and help each other with motivation and support.


With a virtual love lock, you will set a sign of your love. Where ever you may travel to in the future: you can leave traces on our website which will remind you of your shared experiences for many years to come.