Rambling the museum of broken relationships

The stuffed bunny in the cabinet at the entrance of the museum looks a bit lost. That may be, because it used to be a travelers bunny which hopped around the globe, when artists Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić used to be lovers. When one of them made a journey, they would take the bunny with them and made a picture of it in a foreign city or landscape for their partner. When they split up, they didn’t know what to do with their common memories, which is when the idea for the “museum of the broken relationships” in Zagreb was born.

By then people from all over the world send testimonies of their break up and lost love into the Croatian capital. They use letters to describe their private stories. Some visitors to the museum spend hours reading these messages which are at times sad, funny or heartbreakingly beautiful. But why are we telling you about this museum?

For a start because many of you love to travel, and that small museum in the heart of Zagreb is a real insider’s tip. In May 2011 it has been selected “European Museum of the year”. Some visitors to the museum spend hours reading stories about a simple china cup, buckled on latex breasts or a teddy bear with a heart of polyester.

On the other hand the museum shows everyone the importance of symbols in a relationship – whether it is about stuffed bunnies or one of our virtual love locks. People want to create individual values, forever and ever. On a side note, the founder of the museum describes this in a very similar way: On the one hand people gave away parts of their lives by donating small items from their relationship. After a break up this should help putting behind the past. However, at the same time this part may live on.

However it comes as no surprise that items, that symbolize eternal love are very important. Signifying their importance is a little text from that museum, it’s about a bottle opener: “You presented little gifts to me, every day. This is one of these gifts. It was the key to my heart. You turned my head. You didn’t want to sleep with me. It was when you died from AIDS that I fully realized just how much you loved me. “

Did we make you curious for that museum? If you visit it, please don’t forget to add a Croatian love lock to our lockscape map!