Love birds couples from all over the world practice love rites, to express their affection and feelings. Some of these rites are quirky, others are very romantic. We’re presenting five of these special love rites to you.

1. Extraordinary fruits

A very “spicy” tradition hails from 19th century Austria. It’s not especially romantic, however. On a dance night, a woman would clamp an apple below their arms. Afterwards she offered a piece of that apple to her chosen one. If he ate that well spiced fruit, he was interested in the woman. Nowadays this tradition is not maintained anymore, for comprehensible reasons.

2. Good luck!

A little bit of patience and good eyes is what love birds in Ireland need. A local love rite implies, that love birds should look for one of the rare four-leaf clover, and eat it. If they think about their desired partner while eating, that person will soon be a part of their life.

3. Coins and love

Rome sites the Trevi fountain, that attracts a lot of love birds. They throw a coin across the shoulder and into the fountain, and make a wish. One who throws two coins may look forward to finding new love soon. As a matter of fact, tradition has it that when throwing three coins,  the wedding is just around the corner.

4. Love letters to unknown

There are love rites in Germany as well. One of them is connected to the 500 year old Bräutigamseiche (“groom’s oak”) in Lübbeck. It was in the 19th century when a young couply was desperately in love. At that point in time it wasn’t unusual for the father to deny consent to his daughters relationship. Because of this, the lovers had no choice but to send each other love letters, which contained expressions of their feelings and longing. An old oak served as a letter box. In the end the father fortunately agreed to their wedding. The oak still exists and even has its own address. Lovers can send love letters to this tree, and everyone passing that tree can open and read them – and hopefully reply.

5. (Not) a love symbol for eternity

Paris and other major cities learned about the weight of love during the last couple of years. It wasn’t only in the city of love where the rite was developed, which is being practiced by hundreds of thousands of couples and lovers worldwide. They attach metal love locks to parapets and fountains to denote their closeness. The key to the lock is plunged in the water. Those countless love locks were so heavy that they became a threat for the bridges, which is why they had to be removed on many places.

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